Cosmetic Surgery – A Realistic Perspective

Cosmetic surgery has changed the lives of millions of people. Under the care of a good surgeon the results of a procedure can overshadow more common and time consuming alternatives. Whether it’s for reconstructive purposes or simply for enhancement, cosmetic surgery has a great track record for getting desired results. More and more products concerning physical improvement reach the market every day. Due to all the promotion and fake promises it’s not surprising that people are turning to the stability of surgery. But it’s also important to understand the limitations.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

An experienced and honest surgeon will always inform the patient to have realistic expectations. Yes, cosmetic surgery can do wonders and there is no doubt it blows the competition out of the water in terms of time and results. But expecting too much can lead to disappointment. To put this into perspective, consider a 40 year old woman that wants to reduce the signs of aging. She expects to look about 5 to 10 years younger and if the surgeon is capable then her expectations are realistic. Now consider a 40 year old woman who wants to look exactly like a specific movie star. Even though the procedure can be done and it will bring her closer to looking like that movie star, her expectations are too high.

It won’t Cure Depression

There are people that believe changing their appearance through cosmetic surgery might possibly cure their depression. Unfortunately this isn’t true. Cosmetic surgery is a great tool to enhance self-esteem and to make people feel better about themselves, but it’s not capable of curing disorders. In fact, surgeons are not allowed to perform surgery if the patient shows signs of mental instability. It should also be noted that cosmetic surgery cannot save relationships.

Cost and Follow-Up Procedures

The reason why cosmetic surgery can be somewhat expensive is because it requires the specialties of a surgical team in addition to a sterile and professional operating room. In most cases health care providers do not cover these types of procedures, meaning that the patient will be responsible for the bill. There is also the consideration of follow-up procedures and how much they will cost.

The Level of Risk and Complications

Any type of surgery involves some kind of risk or complication, regardless of how common the surgery may be. Perfectly healthy people have experienced difficulties that couldn’t have been predicted. However, these cases are rare and this is why a full medical examination is done before a surgeon even considers surgery. They will look for any warning signs that might put the patient in danger.


These factors aren’t meant to deter people from making use of cosmetic surgery. Instead, the purpose is to inform and provide a realistic perspective. It’s a procedure that has enriched lives on numerous levels, whether it’s to get rid of excess skin, reshaping the body or making people look as young as they feel, the advantages are truly amazing. It steps up when medication, diets, exercise and skin treatments simply won’t get the job done and it’s definitely worth looking into.