Internet Consultation

Dr. Armenta is pleased to offer his patients the utmost privacy and strictest confidentiality by providing them with the ability to ask about certain procedures through an Internet consultation. Patients can submit questions that may be very sensitive directly to Dr. Armenta and he will answer them in a timely fashion. It is very important to note that the Internet consultation will not replace an actual consultation and exam nor can be used to make a final decision for a procedure. However, we realize that some patients are busy and need information fast. We also know that there are certain topics that some new patients may find difficult to discuss initially with a new person and physician. The Internet consultation will allow patients to pose their questions, whatever they may be, directly to Dr. Armenta and will also help to establish a rapport and trusting relationship between a doctor and patient.

If you are interested in an Internet Consultation please feel free to ask Dr. Armenta any question you may have about your beauty and health related goals